Roman has performed and recorded with various renowned Jazz, Pop and World Music formations, like GEFILTE FISH (FARAO classics, www.gefilte-fish.net) and the legendary WEATHER GIRLS, playing with outstanding musicians like Joe Rappaport, Enrique Ugarte, Andrea Giani and Ranajit Sengupta in Germany, Austria, Greece, India, Bangladesh and the USA, appearing on several occasions on German national TV.

A pioneer in the creation of a second generation German-South Asian community, he was involved in founding "Munich Masala", an association organizing cultural events like documentary-film screenings, concerts, readings and South Asian club nights to promote a greater awareness of the diversity of South Asian diaspora culture in Germany. These efforts began a movement that has spread throughout Germany, leading to Roman Chowdhury's touring the country as a popular DJ of new South Asian sounds.

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“Since year one, people have migrated from one place to another for the most varied of reasons. Some may be socially stigmatized, some don’t fit into the rigid structures dictated by those in power, still others are trying to escape from unbearable disharmony or war. Most must leave their families behind them and environments,fonts icons free 3d models replica watches replica watches which have been a home to them for generations and to which they feel deeply connected. They reach out for new places, as they sometimes have no other choice when the wells have run dry and offer no hope for survival.

Ultimately people also cross the earth to benefit from the prosperity of the industrial nations since an acceptable share hardly ever gets to them in their native countries.

We have no influence on the circumstances into which we are born, nor can we choose a specific country of birth. It all happens coincidentally – as opposed to the frontiers dividing our planet into different countries, which are deliberated and the result of wars, injustice and arbitrariness.”

Roman Chowdhury